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Cyclamen: about 10 years ago I grew some pink cyclamen hederifolium from seed. They are in pots and flower every year. This year all except two flowers are white, and also the ones from elsewhere out in the garden which were pink are also white. The flowers also seem to be rather smaller than usual. Are they short of some nutrient? i don't understand how this could happen.



ummm. that's odd. have they been extra dry/or extra wet? mine have come up as usual despite the vagaries of the weather.
have they been fed at all? I don't add anything to mine but they get lots of leaf litter from the trees overhead.

bit stumped really.

30 Aug, 2017


They've just been standing outside so they will have had a fair amount of rain this summer. No I don't remember feeding them, unless they've had one or two occasional dregs from a jug feeding something else. Now I feel bad,poor things...

30 Aug, 2017


Hi Sue, some plants have unstable d n a, and something happens that allows them to be changed or transposed, usually it's the flower colour that gets changed, but it can also change the leaves, so I think this is what's happened to your Cyclamen, they might revert back to pink next year, Derek.

30 Aug, 2017


We have been growing hardy cyclamen for many years. Initially we started with pink hederifolium that we grew from seed and they, and their offspring remained pink. Several years ago we noticed that a good number were now white but there are still pink ones. These are mostly in the open garden, we do keep a few in pots, and are given no attention at all, they just get on with it. The whites ones have remained white ever since. I don't know the reason for this but both are enjoyable flowers. Seed from the white ones produces corms with white flowers.
I would be interested to know if Stera has ever introduced a white hederifolium into the garden. We have done and I 'think' that this was before others started showing as white, but I am not sure.

30 Aug, 2017


Thank you for your replies people.

Well if its happened to you Bulba there's no hope for me!
I haven't knowingly introduced a white one as I much prefer the pink. This has happened both in the open garden and in two pots 20 yards away and as far as I can remember the ones in the ground were from corms. If they are going to stay white I'll have t think about getting some more pink ones...There is one solitary pink one in the ground and none in the pots so far.

Derek I'll keep my fingers crossed then!

31 Aug, 2017

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