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Some extra photos to my question 'is this a triffid'?
I sort of propped up the plant with a brick and there are 2 pea pods to try to give perspective...hope these are better photos.

P1120970 P1120976



Pea pods? Where?

30 Aug, 2017


I'm thinking that it must be Cichorum intybus, either with weedkiller damage or deformed for some other reason. Can you unwind one of the leaves to see if it's dandelion-like? And does the plant have white latex, also like a dandelion?

30 Aug, 2017


Flowers definitely say Chicory to me!

30 Aug, 2017


the flowers really do say chicory don't they.

30 Aug, 2017


oops, Landgirl, loaded the wrong two photos although they are of the same plant! Will try a third time tomorrow though nobody seems to know what this plant is...def an alien!
I agree that the flowers are very chicory-like but definitely not the leaves. The leaves are all really on one node and seem to cocoon the flowers. When it started growing I actually thought it looked like a lettuce, but then it sprouted on one stalk but with other stalks branching off one side.

30 Aug, 2017


When chicory flowers, the leaves on the flowering stem are much reduced, and spinier than the basal leaves. Over time, the larger basal leaves die off, leaving just the smaller leaves on the flowering stem. They're not usually this small and curly, though. I suspect a severe aphid infestation--maybe already passed--or weed killer damage. I don't know how weed killer would have gotten into a veggie bed, though, unless it was in manure used as a soil conditioner. Were any of your veggies stunted and distorted, Weeducks.

31 Aug, 2017


Could have been aphids though I was so intrigued by this plant that I did keep an eye on it and didn't see any bugs of any kind. There has been no manure or weed killer near the plot and last year the whole area was dormant but I had put bark, from felled trees mostly willow, over the veggie area and placed a lot of potted shrubs and saplings on top ready to be planted this year...mostly done I may add :}. We are very fortunate in having 3 acres of garden/woodland. We rotovated the area before sowing anything and as an aside to this saga we do NOT like chicory so have never had anything to do with it ;)
I am inclined to agree with everyone that it is some form of chicory but it's arrival is still a mystery!
Thank you all for taking time to answer me.

31 Aug, 2017


Chicory seeds float on the slightest breeze, like dandelions, so they spring up in the oddest places. Its mother may have lived miles away.

1 Sep, 2017

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