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Essex, United Kingdom Gb

laurel is dieing with black leaf

On plant Aucuba japonica



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22 Aug, 2010


I THINK you might be referring to the shrub apparently 'dying' due to all the leaves turning the most awful pitch black and shrivelling up? I My neighbour and I had the same problem. Even the stems were blackened, right to the base.Initially I removed ALL the leaves and SOME of the good! It called for drastic action and I had to cut out ALL the affected stems, leaves etc...and literally left almost a stump of a shrub...BUT it has worked!

Gradually it has recovered over the course of the summer and is quite a decent shape, once again. I fed it Blood, Bone and Meal after its drastic treatment...and it has very healthy looking leaves...once again! Perhaps you might have the same problem. Someone on here said there was currently a virus attacking Aucuba japonica.Good luck!

23 Aug, 2010

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