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By Nanjo

WITNEY, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, can someone tell me the name of this plant please, the only clue I have is a plant label with 'Velour' on

Photo3631 Photo3631



Aeonium arboreum 'Schwarzkop' a native of the Canary Isles... Is frost tender so needs to be in a cool greenhouse for most of the year.

Take a look at he RHS info:

Has been seen occasionally on the SRGC show benches but not accepted as is no hardy.

6 Sep, 2017


Agree Aeonium Zwartkop or Black Rose Sedum

6 Sep, 2017


If you bring it indoors for the winter, without sunlight, it turns plain green, so a sunny windowsill would be good.

6 Sep, 2017


Thanks for your help.I have had it on the top of my water butt all Summer & it has produced lots of rosettes in that time. 

6 Sep, 2017


Won't survive the winter outdoors though... as Bamboo says will need a sunny windowsill and keep moist.

7 Sep, 2017


Its easy to propagate new plants from the rosettes. Each rosette can be a separate plant.

7 Sep, 2017

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