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My neighbour has a rather neglected 20 year old hawthorn hedge which he is now cutting back. He has asked me if it can be induced to shoot from very near the base to fill in the small gaps at the base which his wife says interfere with privacy. I didn't think it could but what do you think please? Would it shoot from the base if he cut it off a few inches above ground?



Yes, though it would be better to leave about a foot of stem rather than taking it down to a few inches. Hawthorn is very good at regenerating like that.

7 Sep, 2017


It might be worth getting someone who knows what he is doing and 'layering' the hedge. This involves slashing part way through the trunks and bending them over, all in the same direction, to give a thick and tidy hedge. It is one of the old country crafts.

7 Sep, 2017


Afterward, to maintain dense foliage to the base,, prune at least yearly to keep the top slightly narrower than the base.

8 Sep, 2017


I would of left till leaf fall to prune

8 Sep, 2017


I thought about laying Bulba as it would be more effective for what they want but its quite a long hedge and would be quite expensive to have done whereas he can chop it off himself.. I don't think he would be into laying it himself. Neither of them knows much abut gardening to put it mildly. I know there are courses teaching it -a chap in the next village went on one and made a grand job of his - but I don't imagine he could spare the time. I'll mention it though. A well laid hedge is a pleasure to see.

GG so would I but its no use talking...its all got to be sorted NOW...

8 Sep, 2017

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