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By Cestina

South Bohemia, Czech Republic Cz

Plant ID please..hello everyone I am back after an almost absent summer. Could someone please ID this rather pretty but thug-like plant which is threatening to take over my granite trough of succulents (with a little dill :-))?

I thought portulaca but on checking I see the flower is quite different. Many thanks....

Work_in_sw_with_lmc_flower_id_102 Work_in_sw_with_lmc_flower_id_104



top pic is Delosperma (Ice Plant as they are commonly known) A succulent spreading ground cover. Mild winters only. It can be invasive. It's used a lot in California to stabilize hillsides & for erosion control. It's a nice plant in the right location, comes in various colors.

lower pic looks like 'Hens & Chicks' succulents. Seems to be in the perfect location.

9 Sep, 2017


Thanks for this Bathgate. Interesting that it only likes mild winters. I left quite a lot in pots last autumn when I left the Czech Republic for England, where I am in the winter months. They had a hard winter here, with a lot of snow, and when I got back in June I found just a few tiny bits in a stray pot. I planted them in the trough and as you can see, away they went, more successfully than I actually wanted!

Hen and Chicks is the perfect name for the other succulent. I am not really very fond of succulents but unless I want to be constantly watering the trough, which is under an overhang, I don't really have an option....

9 Sep, 2017


I've had the same Ice Plant as you. It got through the first couple winters and reached a nice size, but third winter got them and they disappeared altogether. They are easy to propagate from leaf cuttings as most succulents are.

9 Sep, 2017


We have some which have survived outside here for the last 20 years and we have had some record breaking low temps in that time. As long as they are in very well drained compost/soil, they seem to take whatever the weather here throws at them.

9 Sep, 2017

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