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I have very big flower buds on long stems on my cordyline that lean over quite a lot .... is it alright to remove /prune these buds without damaging the tree ?





Yes easily pruned , reduce by half first then cut close to the stem to remove the rest .
No damage will come to the cordyline

10 Sep, 2017


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yes you can remove the flowers as described by Gnarly Gnome. they are stunning though aren't they

10 Sep, 2017


If its just the flowers and their stems you're worried about, you can prune those out immediately, right at the base of the flower stem, just above the foliage.

If its the leaning shape of the trunks, you can reduce those, but not now - wait till end of May or early June next year, and saw them down as low as you like, so long as you make an angled cut to allow rain to run off.

10 Sep, 2017

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