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lonicera fragrantissma (winter honeysuckle). This spring I moved this shrub from a shady area where it never flowered to a new trellis in full sun. I expected the leaves to die off and cut it back to a short framework. There has been no new growth but when I scratch the bark of the stem it's green underneath. The shrub was 4 years old. Am I being too impatient expecting new growth this year. It never lost its leaves in the shady area.



A good idea to transplant to sunny spot, but you choose the wrong time to do it. You set it back due to transplant shock. It just needs time to recover and heal - a year or two. The best time to transplant is Fall or late Winter.

10 Sep, 2017


Well it should have put on some growth - perhaps there was more root damage than you realised, or you didn't manage to keep it sufficiently well watered. Hopefully it will recover and grow next year, but I'm confused as to why you've put it against a trellis - you know this particular Lonicera is a free standing shrub, right, not a climber?

10 Sep, 2017


OMG . thanks Bamboo. I don't know why I didn't know it was free standing, I'm usually quite good about researching planting info. I don't suppose it would stand another transplant in the dormant season! Maybe I'll give this one up as a bad job, though as a retired nurse I hate to give up on anything if there's any sign of life!!

10 Sep, 2017


If you transplant it carefully, without damaging the roots, it should do just fine. Especially if you're moving it to a more favorable location. Don't give it fertilizer until spring when it wakes up. I did same thing with my Lonicera Sempervirens. It bloomed the very next year. The more sun it gets, the better it blooms.

10 Sep, 2017


Well, does it matter if it doesn't climb the trellis, but just remains standing in front of it? Is the trellis attached to the fence? If it is, you could just leave the shrub there and use the trellis elsewhere maybe, if the shrub recovers

11 Sep, 2017

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