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I feel like I'm doing nothing in my garden and after the on-slaught of jobs I did over the spring and summer I feel like I am not very busy.

What should I be doing ?

Thank you as always

On plant What should I be doing in the garden ?



Well apart from tidying up there isn't a huge amount to do right now, unless you have an area that needs digging over. Gardening is a very cyclical in nature periods when you are doing a lot and other periods, especially winter, no where near so much. Have you got all your spring bulbs plants?

11 Sep, 2017


Yes, plant bulbs for the spring :)
You can also sow hardy annuals like Sweet Peas, Bellis etc, ready for next year. You can overwinter them in a greenhouse or cold frame.

Otherwise just sit in your garden or walk around and enjoy the autumn colours, with a cup of tea (or something else lol) A garden is for relaxing in :)

11 Sep, 2017


Replanting is done this time of year, so if you wanted any new shrubs or something, now would be the time to plant most of them. That means preparation of the soil - digging over and the like. Preparing and laying new turf, seeding bald areas in the lawn, raking up fallen leaves regularly. Bulb planting as already mentioned. Otherwise, its just waiting for stuff to die back and removing the dead and litter, keeping newly germinated weeds down (hoeing will do), putting an autumn feed on the lawn if you want, keeping up with cutting the lawn so its not really long by next spring. Watering in October is sometimes necessary, many people get caught out not watering permanent potted plants in that month if its warm. Clearing out summer bedding as it gives up. Planting up pots and tubs for winter display, if you do that. Bringing under shelter (later in October) any tender plants that won't survive a winter. Taking the tops off plants like Buddleia and tall climbing roses so they don't suffer wind rock during winter. Pruning rambling roses is done in September, if you have any.

11 Sep, 2017


Do you have any shrubs or perennials that you would like more of? It is fun and easy to take cuttings: you could try Penstemons or Salvias. Cut a non-flowering shoot just below a 'node' (where leaves sprout), remove most of the lower leaves, and push the cutting into a pot of compost (multi-purpose or seed-and-cutting). Keep semi-shaded and not too warm or cold, and you will see roots emerging from the bottom of the pot in a few weeks.

11 Sep, 2017


Lot's of super deals at the garden center now as they try to liquidate their summer stock. Go check it out before everyone else does.

11 Sep, 2017


All sounds good to me.....think I might do a few myself.

11 Sep, 2017


I've also been tidying up and saving seed eg from Sweet William to sow next year. Agree with the tip about heading to the garden centre - I was very pleased to get a lovely French Lavender grown as a standard reduced from £16 to £3!!

11 Sep, 2017


Thanks everyone....feel like I have some direction now :)

Definitely going to take some cuttings Sheliabub ! Thanks for that tip.

Bamboo...that will keep me busy, which is just how I like it so thank you !

Hywel, I have an empty coldframe so I can certainly do something with that.

I ordered some lovely bulbs....I will get those in pots ready for spring.

I feel much better now !

Thank you :)

12 Sep, 2017

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