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i had bought a small night queen plant 2 months back from nursery. it is grown good but found some leafs are getting yellow from past one week. some says give enough water some Says night queen does not like much water. what to do do not get the leafs yellow (picture enclosed)
also i have propogate a small rose plant. it is flowering well but flowers are very small. which kind of rose is it ?

Nightqueen_1 Nightquenn_2



Hi, welcome to GoY
is Night queen the Cestrum nocturnum or night flowering Jasmine?
have a look at this link.

where about are you in the world?

12 Sep, 2017


@seaburngirl- it is not a jasmine plant. it has long thin white flower . In India we call it "Ratrani".

13 Sep, 2017


yes this is a jasmine plant according to the RHS. they do have long thin white flowers. Cestrum nocturnum is its botanical name.

14 Sep, 2017


it is not jasmine plant . It is Cestrum Nocturnum

16 Sep, 2017


i think it is night jasmine.
What are the reason leafs getting yellow ? I have kept it in east direction where it gets 2-3 hour morning sunlight.

16 Sep, 2017


yes I said it was called night scented jasmine Cestrum nocturnum . It is a member of the solanacea family. The flower form looks like jasmine.

yellowing leaves is often due to lack of nutrients specifically magnesium and boron. a good balanced mixed feed should help.

the odd leaf could be just down to age.

are you in India?

17 Sep, 2017


Seaburngirl : Thanks for your reply. yes i am from India.

I am giving cow dunk powder as a nutrient . i dont know weather it is helping it or not but in the same pot i have propagated a rose plant and it is flowering well.
But night jasmine is not flowering expected.

Also i found some white tissue or spots which is a bit fibrous . I used lemon water to remove it .

18 Sep, 2017

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