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i have tried to grow fuchsias from seed with no success at all has any one done this at all ,i would really appreciate any and all advise thanks. billyeff.



No, I've never bothered - you have to collect the seed capsules when they're ripe, take the seeds out, wash them thoroughly to get off the gunk, then dry them, then sow in a tray or pot on the surface of the potting soil, cover lighty with vermiculite, cover loosely with plastic and keep them nice and warm and wait.

Its not an easy task; not impossible, but difficult. Many of the seed capsules may contain no viable seeds at all, and of those that do, many won't germinate.If they do germinate, you have no idea what kind of fuchsia you will get because they don't come true from seed. If you want a particular variety, cuttings are the way to go.

12 Sep, 2017


Hi Billyeff,
They are much easier from cuttings - have you tried that?

12 Sep, 2017

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