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Whilst digging up and changing bedding plants in my old urn planter I came across 5 bumblebees into the soil. They appeared as I was trying to get ivy roots out. Are they hibernating? They seemed to be fast asleep and grumpy at being woken up! Don't thonk there's a nest as no eggs were found. I put them in a quiet place with dry soil and hope that I haven't disturbed them? Any ideas ?




Probably ground bees - they're solitary and live in holes in the ground or in soil, just so happens that five of them made separate homes in there. At this time of year, they won't be breeding, which is why you found no evidence of young. They'll hopefully look for somewhere else to make a home.

12 Sep, 2017


Bumble bees live in the ground. Sometimes they don't make it back to the nest in time and need a place to 'crash' for the night. They need the sun to navigate and for energy. The sun energizes them and they can't fly at night. Either they missed their 'curfew' or a sudden change in weather could have grounded them for the night. They appear to be drunk or sleepy because of low energy.

12 Sep, 2017


Ok, thanks for that info. I would love to create a little adea for them to overwinter.

14 Sep, 2017


They prefer to be in the ground in a discrete location, under leaves or brush for shelter

14 Sep, 2017

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