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I have a large deep 7 inch plastic hanging basket that is dark green. There is a drainage hole but 1 inch of water can be permanently in there. The hanging bits broke in a storm but the base is flat & sturdy to use as a planter. I will put brick in the base but I have no idea if the drainage will be ok so what plants love it wet & outside up North?



Why not add a couple more drainage holes?

12 Sep, 2017


I had hole cutters on a drill bit & I can't remember if I got it back after a nbr used it. The plastic might shatter. I have some that are past it...but one planter has an apple tree in it on the patio + apples. The white /cream colour is a dark scratchy grey....
I have a wicker hanging basket that will disintegrate if I touch it. It had carnations in but is a saxifrage zone

12 Sep, 2017


Try this: Hold a screwdriver over an open flame until it turns red hot. Have pot next to you upturned. Pierce the red hot screwdriver through the plastic bottom of the pot - goes through like butter.

Go get your power drill back.

12 Sep, 2017


I daren't do that to OH's screwdrivers but I do the same with an old fashioned metal meat skewer. Takes a bit longer but works just as well.

12 Sep, 2017


Sounds like Bringing Back The Spanish Inquisition.

13 Sep, 2017


That's just what it would be if I did that with His screwdriver....

13 Sep, 2017


I use my own -

13 Sep, 2017


We used to have red hot pokers. Kids would use them as spears & the plant just thrived....

14 Sep, 2017


I bet you couldn't make holes in pots with them though!

15 Sep, 2017

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