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2 yrs ago I planted a hibiscus in a very large pot with a few spring bulbs. I can't remember seeing any flowers this year. A nbr has one in the soil that's 20ft high & loads of flowes now. Mine is almost 3ft. Happy & green but no flowers. Is it just being established? It flowered last year & the year before when I bought it

On plant Hibiscus.



I would suggest that as its a young shrub in a very large pot, its happily producing lots of roots and top growth at the expense of flowers. Perhaps just a waiting game?

13 Sep, 2017


Hope so.
We have other plants in pots nearby. Some have been happy for 15 yrs others 10 & some 5 or less

13 Sep, 2017


I suspect it's the fertilizer. You don't give enough information to know for certain. The flowers you had last year were set from the year before. Too much nitrogen will produce lots of nice leaves at the expense of flowers. Hold back on the fertilizer.

Also, more sun=more flowers.

13 Sep, 2017

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