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I have some OXAIIS Bulbs But No Nothing about them
Also 1 HIPPEASTRUM ( Paqilio Bulb )



Name not correct it's a OXALIS Sorry

13 Sep, 2017


Never mind the name, I think that we understand that you meant Oxalis. There are severaly species of oxalis and they warrant differnt treatment. If you have you just bought them the species name will be on the packet or, if they have come from elsewhere, what size are they?
If large they can be planted in a sunny spot in the garden in well drained soil. If they are small, pea sized or less, beware of letting them loose in the garden as they may spread everywhere and become a nuisance weed. They need to be kept captive in a container with a well drained compost.

13 Sep, 2017


I planted these Oxalis in my garden a few years ago. They bloomed once, looked great and I never saw them again. Maybe they can't take harsh winters?

13 Sep, 2017


Most of the bulbous oxalis do tend to originate from regions with a Mediteranean climate but generally survive jn the north of Scotland. Obviously, some are hardier than others.

13 Sep, 2017


The Hippeastrum needs to be in a pot in the house. Plant it so that the top half of the bulb is above the soil. (Don't recognise paqilio, are you sure this is correct? Paquilios are peppers)

14 Sep, 2017


I have grown Oxalis deppei 'Iron Cross' in pots on our balcony for quite a few years now - obviously, in pots they can't spread very far!

I have noticed they tend to make 100s of tiny bulbs that can be spread very easily.

They still live & flower on the balcony & have done so for at least five years with no special protection.

As for your other question, the bulb in question most likely will be Hippeastrum papilio, the 'Butterfly Hippeastrum'.

Here is a link to an interesting page that might help you:

14 Sep, 2017

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