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I received a bunch of flowers. There is one stem I could not put a name to. It has buds as seen in the picture, any idea what it could be.

Any info would be appreciated.

Flower_sprig_berries_query_1 Flower_sprig_berries_query_2



The leaves and stem look to me like Nerium oleander but I haven't got a picture of any fruit so I can't be sure.

14 Sep, 2017


It might well be Oleander the leaves are very similiar and I think they may be used to add to a bunch of flowers to add decoration.

Thank you


14 Sep, 2017


I agree it does look like Nerium, but if those round berry type seed cases are attached to that stem, it can't be Nerium - the seed cases it produces are nothing like that. MIght help to see a photo of just that single stem on its own, out of the vase.

14 Sep, 2017


It looks like either a Pistache, or possibly a Sumac, judging by the leaf shape, leaf attachment, and the fruiting stem.

18 Sep, 2017

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