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Who can ID this green bug? Thanks

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It looks very like an adult stage cricket.
I believe it is one of the angle-wing katydids, such as Microcentrum rhombifolium.
Order: Orthoptera.

They are not bugs, only Hemiptera are bugs!?

14 Sep, 2017


Thank you can you explain what defines a 'bug'? What is hemiptera?

14 Sep, 2017


a true bug is an insect with piercing and sucking mouth parts. Hemiptera as I've said before [were you not paying attention :o))) naughty! ] is the classification order that bugs belong to.

Lepidoptera are butterflies & moths, Coeloptera are beetles etc.

bug is a colloquial/ generic name given to many invertebrates. it drives me slightly mad especially as our term ladybird has been 'corrupted' to ladybug. I blame Disney's 'A bugs life'. so difficult to educate kids on the finer points of classification. :o)

15 Sep, 2017


Even "butterfly" is a morph of the original name flutterfly. Thanks for the explanation but im not about to check what kind of mouth parts these things have. Should i hold a flashlight and tell them to open wide?

15 Sep, 2017


This sent me flying to Google and this is what I found

Sorry it doesn't help with your grasshoppery insect though.

15 Sep, 2017


according to one British medieval source they were called butterflies because there faeces were yellow like butter. so it was a fly that pooed butter.

kids where I grew up often called them flutterbyes.

interesting how language evolves isn't it.

15 Sep, 2017


Ive only known them as butterflies. Cant imagine calling them anything else. As long as we all understand each other, that"s all that matters. Now i remember these as Katydids. He's on the wrong plant because i scared him, but he looks just like a leaf normally. I didnt know they were related to crickets. Very interesting bugs around here.

15 Sep, 2017


I often find these 'bugs' in our house at this time of year. i wonder why they come in and I place them outside. Do they survive the winter?

15 Sep, 2017


Not a chance they would survive winters around here. Katydids are very fragile. They normally lay a clutch of eggs and expire.

16 Sep, 2017

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