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2 years ago, I bought a Minarette Plumb tree which I planted in a container. I had made a reservoir of water at the bottom of the container, so that the roots could go down and reach water. At the same time, if I saw the top dry, I admit I have watered from the top too.
At the end of August, I noticed the leaves had turned yellow - "too much water" I said to myself. Now it has lost a lot of leaves. Doesanyone know if this is natural die-down, or have I been over generous with the water? Please help.




Well hopefully its just showing the effects of an early autumn,but if its been in the same pot for 2 years, it might by now require something bigger - turn it out of its pot to check the roots.

I don't like this reservoir of water thing... its not good for any plant to be sitting with its roots dangling in water unless its a water plant, so I suggest you dispense with whatever arrangement you've made to create the water reservoir and just pot it up properly into good potting soil, such as John Innes No. 3, and keep it watered as necessary.

15 Sep, 2017


Although some might not agree, my opinion is that unless you have a really large pot and you can get the water and feed spot on, then fruit trees in pots are rarely successful. The advertising pictures of these minarets show them to be laden with perfect fruit which often isn't the case. If you have the space, then I would look to transfer your tree into the ground and I think you might have a better outcome.

15 Sep, 2017


Agree with Jimmy, much better off in the ground if possible!

15 Sep, 2017


Makes you wonder how they get the stupendous crops on ones in the catalogues. I tried an apple in a large container once but it was a waste of space.

15 Sep, 2017


I often wonder if Photoshop comes into play!

16 Sep, 2017

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