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Why oh why do the roses in my garden, insist on growing as if they are reaching for the sky? It is inconvenient in appearance and flowerbed planning. No matter how I prune them short, they always throw up long stems and flower on top. The flowers are lovely and the top greenery fine by the way, but the stems are not. They were bought as Hibrid T roses with a compact growth habit. I do hope you can solve my problem. Yours Davd D.



Is your garden very shady? Are they reaching for the light?

16 Sep, 2017


How tall are they growing? Do you know which variety they are? Have you been using a high nitrogen fertilizer on them?

16 Sep, 2017


Which variety are they, do you have a varietal name rather than just HT roses? When do you prune them and how often?

16 Sep, 2017

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