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Trying to buy a new pair of loppers. Getting a bit confused looking on-line and have had a look in several garden centres where the choice is either sparse or erratic? Could anyone recommend a |(light weight) pair of loppers to cut through branches between 3-5cm max thickness. Many thanks.



Hi, I think you would be better to look at a pruning saw for branches of that thickness, I think loppers would struggle with that size, go for a good quality saw, such as a Berger, bit pricey, but will last for years, Derek.

17 Sep, 2017


Agree Derek and, to me, by definition 'loppers' need some weight behind them to cut through branches so 'light weight' is out! We have some that are really robust and probably could possibly cut through but a saw is going to be quicker and definitely cleaner.

17 Sep, 2017


OH has a small saw called a Silky that he is extremely pleased with for branches that size. There is a range of sizes. Found it on line. Bought on the recommendation of a tree surgeon.

17 Sep, 2017


I wouldn't be without loppers as well as a pruning saw. One of the difficulties, though, is that anvil action types are better at cutting through dead wood (those old thick, dead rose stems for instance) but for live wood, bypass are better. I just stick to bypass ones though because they are easier to get in between crowded stems than anvil ones; a good pair will cut through live wood to a max of 2 inches thick. The lightest ones will be tubular aluminium handles - I've got a pair of those, but also have a heavier duty, ratchet action bypass telescopic handle pair, which are pretty heavy to use, so I tend to stick to the lighter pair as far as possible.

There's a good guide here, with various tested brands listed at the bottom

17 Sep, 2017


also try them out. we had a pair that when I used them they made my knuckles knock painfully together. my daughter can use them as her hands are smaller than mine.

we also have a very good pair with foam grip handles.
a pruning saw is useful too.

18 Sep, 2017


Thank you all for your advice. Will have to go on a lopper hunt and like you said try them out.

19 Sep, 2017

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