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Good evening all, my spotted laural seems to be extremely yellowish green in comparison to the other lovely one i have, is it deficient in some mineral ?




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18 Sep, 2017


If the soil is very chalky where it is growing, it might be a micronutrient deficiency, such as iron or manganese. If you look closely, those will identify themselves as one variation or another on a theme of pale or yellowish leaves with darker green veins, especially on the newer growth. If the soil is very poor and sandy or rocky, or very acid, it may be showing lack of nitrogen, which shows as evenly pale green to yellowish leaves on the older growth, and sparse new growth.

18 Sep, 2017


So sorry Bamboo it was supposed to be a pic of the said laurel. Thanks Tugbrethil there are several large trees quite close to it would they be taking the goodness out of the soil and if so what's the best solution
Regards Annemarie

18 Sep, 2017


It's most likely lack of nitrogen, then, maybe coupled with lack of water, both stolen by the trees. A moderate layer of home-made compost, or one of the better kinds of commercial composts, about 1-4 cm deep should help with both problems. Cheap compost plus something like Grow More will serve the same purpose. Please replace the picture, though, since it may be something more outre, which the picture will tell!

19 Sep, 2017


Try a dose of Epsom Salts, magnesium on the shrub. (When I was a nipper, it was used as a laxative). As said, if you have a chalky soil it will lock up naturally occurring magnesium and iron.

19 Sep, 2017


Oh right, that's what I wondered! And a photo of the plant would be very useful...

19 Sep, 2017

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