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Anyone know if it is the tennant or landlord, who is responsible for the up keep of a large tree that has been damaged by high winds? As in a broken branch that is now hanging down, but still partially attached
TIA cheers kev



Landlord - unless you planted the tree yourself.

19 Sep, 2017


Cheers Bamboo, it is my sisters house, when she phoned the landlord about it, the response from their legal dept was that it is my sisters problem? Which considering she didn't plant it, I thought it maybe their problem.

19 Sep, 2017


Typical landlord then, not keen to do anything... she should tell them its in danger of falling onto the property, that'll get their attention. Its the landlord's tree, not hers - if the toilet broke, would they say that was her problem? There's no difference between the two situations.

If they still refuse to sort it, then she might want to mention the possibility of their being sued if the branch falls onto a person or building.

19 Sep, 2017

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