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Can you PLEASE tell me what this tree is & is the fruit suitable for wine-making? This is one of several (known) fruit trees in my back garden & I use the fruit from them to make a very passable wine.

Thank you in advance.

I stay in Ayr, Scotland.

Opened_up Tree Fruit



looks like a yellow crab apple to me in which case I doubt the fruit will make a god wine.
You can see images of here;_ylt=AwrIRlhhVcFZLnIAp9V3Bwx.;_ylu=X3oDMTByZmVxM3N0BGNvbG8DaXIyBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=Yellow+Crab+Apple&fr=yhs-Lkry-SF01&hspart=Lkry&hsimp=yhs-SF01

19 Sep, 2017


Well we did once make drinkable crab apple wine - try it and see. I'd prefer crab apple jelly myself. You might add a few sweet eating apples perhaps? The birds will enjoy any left on the tree. As the old man said on his death bed - asked by his son the secret of his lovely wine he managed to whisper "The secret of good wine is to use grapes...."

19 Sep, 2017


Indeed Stera. wine is made with grapes :)

19 Sep, 2017


We used to make a very pleasant alcoholic drink from Crab apples. Getting the taste right is just a matter of adjusting the sugar content to the correct level. Pity I cannot drink alcohol any more.

19 Sep, 2017


Pity the old man never finished the sentence, Stera! His secret may never be known!

20 Sep, 2017


He did finish it PF - the secret was to use grapes...
We did once make some really nice crab apple wine but we made the mistake of keeping it and it spoiled. What a waste, it was the only drinkable one we ever produced. Pea pod tasted foul, and elderberry blew the corks out because we'd bottled it too soon. What a smell that made...

21 Sep, 2017


Not answering the question but continuing the wine theme: Coq au Vin made with a rich elderberry wine is awesome.

30 Sep, 2017

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