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the leaves on my azalias are going yellow theyve been in the ground about six months can you advise cheers



Are they evergreen or deciduous Azaleas? Exactly how are they turning yellow? Any chance of a picture or two?

20 Sep, 2017


And is your soil acidic or alkaline?

20 Sep, 2017


If this is the first time they've looked yellow, likely its just autumn - azaleas are deciduous.

20 Sep, 2017


cheers guys iam a new hand at gardening although loveing it ? iam finding it quite diffi'cult so your help is much appreciated

20 Sep, 2017


Hopefully your azaleas looked perfectly healthy up until recently... if they didn't, then its not just autumn.

20 Sep, 2017


yes they l ooked fineits only happened the last few weeks

21 Sep, 2017

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