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Another mystery plant. I seem to attract them! This grew in a pot along with other things. We thought at first it might be maize, but it doesn't really look like it and is nowhere near tall enough, only about 80 cm from soil level to the top. We quite like it, but have no idea what it is, other than something in the grass family. I'm sure someone out there can identify it, please.




If the stems are three sided then it is a Sedge. From that distance it is hard to really make an id, but it could well be Carex pendula which is a terrible seed weed.

20 Sep, 2017


Luckily its definitely not Carex pendula, that has grass like leaves, this plant doesn't. No idea what it actually is though, might be as a result of a dropped bird seed

20 Sep, 2017


My thought too Bamboo, dropped bird seed!

20 Sep, 2017


I'd remove it, or at least those seed heads before they fully mature and start dropping, otherwise you'll be weeding out hundreds of them next year...

20 Sep, 2017


Definitely from bird seed as my neighbour has it growing along with foxtail millet & brown top millet, from his bird table, so I guess it's yet another type of millet. I'd like to know which one.

20 Sep, 2017


Yes, it does look like a millet.

21 Sep, 2017


I think it is a Millet too.

21 Sep, 2017


Right, so it seems to be a millet from bird seed. We do have a bird feeder and heaven knows what seeds are in the mix we use, so it may well have come from that, though the feeder is some way from the pot - but birds do fly of course!

I've taken Bamboo's advice and removed it completely. Much as we liked the delicate seed heads, one such plant at a time is enough!

In passing, in respect of Owdboggy's suggestion of a Sedge, the stems were actually round and hairy.

Thanks to everyone for the comments. We'll have to wait and see what decides to arrive next year.

21 Sep, 2017


I agree with Millet, it's probably Panicum miliaceum or Common Millet.

21 Sep, 2017


Thanks for the ID Land girl. I intend to grow one plant of the Fox tail Millet next year as I think it is really nice. Will have to make sure it stays one plant though!

27 Sep, 2017

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