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Can anyone id this plant for me please. It is approx.2' tall with a basal clump of leaves which look similar to Japanese anemone leaves (photo 3). The flowers are approx. 1' wide and are more blue than the photos suggest. The seed pods are about 1" long and seem to be three or four to each flower. The cup in the centre of the flower is white for half its length then blue. I do have other photos but the site will only allow me to load 3. The stems are a dark red/purple colour.

On plant Anemonopsis macrophylla

Img_1804 Img_0183 Img_0185



The first photo is out of focus - any chance of one showing the whole plant?

24 Sep, 2017


Just had an email from Macplants suggesting Anemonopsis macrophylla. I googled the name and it is correct. Sorry I do not have a decent photo of the whole plant. it is easier to get close ups of the 'bits' because of the constant wind on our garden. To see the whole plant, google Plant World Seeds, they show it very well. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

25 Sep, 2017


After my OH had an accident in June 2017 I realised I needed help and found a recent horticultural graduate from the local college. He asked if I would give him a list of all the plants in the garden so he could research them on Google. I started an Excel file and have found old labels everywhere. I found the label for this plant and it makes interesting reading. It was sent to me by GOY member Pcw. He had sown AGS seedex seeds on 1.1.10. I have not found details of when he sent the seedling to me but I will probably have that info somewhere. 2017 was its first flowers for me. I was fortunate enough to get seeds from it and have high hopes of growing them too. This is just another great bonus of goy friendship.

13 Jan, 2018

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