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By Chega

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Got two tomato plants under glass one a basket variety ,one a plum type in pot,both very slow in ripening,any harm in taking off green and bringing in to ripen? Read conflicting advice "carry on feeding" stop "feeding"



I've still got my plants in the greenhouse and I'm still watering but less often. I would start taking the leaves off to get the light to the fruits and give it another week or so and then take the fruits off and put on a bright window ledge or in a drawer with the bananas to encourage ripening.

25 Sep, 2017


Yes banana skin will help ripening - no need to have the banana in it! Will need renewing before it dries up though. Or leave one ripe tomato with the green ones. Ripe fruits give off a gas that encourages ripening.

If you want to delay bringing them in try draping the banana skin near the green tomatoes still on the plant.

25 Sep, 2017


I would leave it along and let it ripen on it's own.

25 Sep, 2017


I think our season is shorter than yours Bathgate - they do better with a little help at this time of year here.

25 Sep, 2017


Thank you everyone, definetly helpful will keep up with the banana skin and trim the foliage,have noticed since I posted tomatoes colouring up more

26 Sep, 2017

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