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is Miracle Grow for Succulents a good soil for a bird of paradise plant?



I prefer Uni-Gro Cactus Mix, myself, for that, but Miracle Gro for Succulents should work well enough.

26 Sep, 2017


Hi Tug, jut wondering why you use cactus mix for Strelitzia, when I grew them at work, we used large pots of loam based compost, {john innes no 3}, which was quite successful, Derek.

26 Sep, 2017


I've found that they like very sharp drainage, and large pores, especially indoors, where evaporation is slower. Most modern Cactus mixes have too much peat, and too small an average particle size to be really good for cactus itself, and some of the hard core succulents. Better to use it for tropicals that like fast drainage, terrestrial orchids, and some of the more forgiving succulents.

27 Sep, 2017


Hi Tug, thanks for the info, it must be 30 odd years since I grew them, back then we didn't have all the different mixes, you had to make your own specific compost, depending on what you were growing, I just used j i no 3, although come to think of it, I think we did add some grit, Derek.

27 Sep, 2017

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