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can I dig up and divide a peony(pinny) bush now? How?



Hi, welcome to GoY, I would give it another couple of weeks before lifting them, you should be able to see the tops of the tubers, so dig down about 4 to 6 inches away from them, the tubers will probably be about 12 inches down, lift out the rootball and divide the tubers using a sharp clean knife, make sure that each tuber has at least 1 eye, which at this time of year will have a stem coming from it, plant the divided tubers at the same depth as they were, with the top of the tuber just visible when the soil has settled after watering them in, if we get a dry period, water them regularly, until we get enough rain to keep the soil moist, they should flower next year, but can sometimes take a couple of years to settle in, Derek.

27 Sep, 2017

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