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Saving dahlia and begonia tubers in frigid temps

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I leave Massachusetts for FL. before a frost sets in. Anything special I should do to save my dahlias and potted begonias ? I have lifted them but a member said he rinses them off and I had heard that was a no no?



It's usual to lift them and lay them on their sides on newspaper or dry sand till the topgrowth drops off on its own, then gently clean off any soil and store the tubers/corms in dry sand or dry material over winter, in a cool but not freezing place. Sounds like you have little choice but to remove the topgrowth and clean the corms by brushing off the soil and then packing them away. Washing's not going to harm them, so long as they're left to dry thoroughly.

30 Sep, 2017


Instead of dry sand would sawdust be suitable too Bamboo?

30 Sep, 2017


Yea - I've even used old potting compost, so long as its bone dry.

30 Sep, 2017


If you have several varieties then make sure to label the tubers as you might need this information, especially if you intend to take cuttings in the spring. Learn by my mistakes as I took lots of cuttings but sadly they all turned out from being the original red ones.

30 Sep, 2017


And store them somewhere mouseproof....

1 Oct, 2017

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