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is there anything that grows as fast as russian ivy with prettier blooms



When you say Russian ivy, I assume you mean Russian vine or mile a minute vine. What a brave person,even considering planting one of those, because unless you've got an area at least 40 feet wide and high to cover,I wouldn't risk it...

Depends on the conditions where you want this climber to grow - is it in sun or shade or somewhere in between?

2 Oct, 2017


Do remember that anything that grows really fast doesn't stop when you want it to and can quickly become a big problem. What do you want it to cover? Also so do you need it to be evergreen?

2 Oct, 2017


Some of the hardier Passifloras, such as 'Incense', maybe? Annual vines, such as Morning Glory (Ipomoea), or Black-Eyed Susan Vine (Thunbergia alata)? Rambling roses?

3 Oct, 2017

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