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What To Plant with AlliumsHi everyone

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What To Plant with Alliums

Hi everyone, been away for a while but back again and looking for inspiration from all you helpful folk on here.

Have a border that I wish to plant groups of'Purple Sensation'Alliums in but dont have a clue what to plant along with them to hide the foliage and add interest. I like Architectural/Mediterranean/repetative style and planting. Border is about 10ft long and 1.5ft depth and I only have 3 (equally spaced out) pink Jasmine along the back,on a garage wall in this border at the moment.



welcome back annelise hope you are well.
well alliums usually lose their leaves before the flowers open. I have herbaceous paeonies and late flowering tulips with the alliums.

2 Oct, 2017


On the assumption its in full sun, then lavender, Yucca 'Golden Sword' (only gets 2.5 feet tall), Hebe youngii. But if you choose lavender, buy the smallest variety with the least spread you can find - 1.5 feet deep is really too narrow for a border, and you don't want the lavenders leaning forward to get away from the fence at the back. None of these will be in flower at the same time as the Alliums though, so if that's what you wanted, that's more difficult...

2 Oct, 2017


Kniphofia, there are Spring or autumn flowering varieties.

3 Oct, 2017

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