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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Am pretty sure I asked about this once before. There's this tree growing in my daughter's garden ( in California ), it's base diameter is 15 inches, it's taller the house and it's only 6 ft away.
Surely it needs removing as a matter of ungency. If I could show her a few of your suggestions I'm sure she'll take notice.




You might have, though I don't remember... need a much better photo of the tree and surrounding area Hank

2 Oct, 2017


The one you asked about before was around 14th February, and it was a tall palm tree, which isn't an issue. Need better images of this particular tree, assuming its not the palm you queried earlier in the year.

2 Oct, 2017


Ok guys, pictures below ( I hope )

2 Oct, 2017


Sorry Hank still just the original photo...

3 Oct, 2017


I sent 2 photos yesterday ( or the day before ), headed "Oops, sorry". H.

3 Oct, 2017


(PS Ignore my following comment - I've just realised it's already been answered....)-
Maybe look up details for Ceiba/Chorisia speciosa for info?

5 Oct, 2017

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