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Oops, sorry. This is an improvement ( I hope )

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Looks like Ceiba speciosa, common name Silk Floss tree, quite common in Florida now. It probably does make a large root system, but there are loads of images on line of this tree, many of which show it growing quite close to walls and houses, so whether its actually a problem or not, I don't know. I would have thought it was, but maybe Tugbrethil will have something to add on this.

2 Oct, 2017


Like most trees, it will lift pavement and crack walls sooner or later. Part of the problem is that it was marketed as a small tree back in the '70s and '80s. Of course, like most such, that cute little blooming tree for the first few years eventually gets huge.

3 Oct, 2017


thanks Tug, have passed your info onto daughter.

3 Oct, 2017

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