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Mahonia aquifolium Apollo

I was trying to order this today - most places out of stock but one said no longer stocked because of susceptibility to rust.

Has anyone noticed a rust problem with it please?



Hi Sue, I have 2 of these and in the 2 years I have been looking after them had no problems. Also looked it up and it did say they can suffer from rust and powdery mildew but both can be treated. I did post a picture of them last year and I have just looked it up and you said then that you were thinking of getting one. It does put out runners. If you want, tomorrow I will see if I can dig up one with enough root for you, if not, it did say that it can be grown from cuttings so maybe could try and take some for you.

3 Oct, 2017


Thank you Jen - thats very good of you! I didn't know it spread by runners. Do let me know if you manage to get one and I'll PM you my address.
Yes I was thinking of getting one a while back but I'm the world's worst ditherer!

Most of the suppliers i looked at have sold out.

3 Oct, 2017


Could Mahonia be an alternate host for stem rusts (Pucchinia graminis) on grains? That could account for suppliers not carrying the plant.

4 Oct, 2017


I think the website I looked at did say something about it affecting some grains but wheat oats and barley weren't mentioned and those and sweetcorn are mostly what's grown largescale in UK... Few cereals are grown round here though, its mostly dairy and a few sheep so I can grow it with a clear conscience. Do you know if it affect Mahonia charity too - I've had that for years with no problems..

4 Oct, 2017


Hi Sue, rust and mildew only attack M aquifolium, and it's cultivars, M 'Charity' is a cultivar of M x media, [which is M. japonica x M lomariifolia, so you're ok with that one, Derek.

4 Oct, 2017

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