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I have a weeping willow tree in my front garden and a few years ago it started leaning to one side and it grew another branch to which I thought it was just expanding. The problem being is that the other new 'tree' seems to just be growing upwards and it's not 'weeping' yet. Is this normal? It's actually so tall I've been cutting the branches down today as I suddenly thought it might be a completely different tree that just looks like it's part of my weeping willow.



Hi, is the tree a grafted variety ?, if so it sounds to me as though this new shoot has come from below the graft, and will be a shoot of whatever the named variety was grafted on to. I would cut it out completely, and try to straighten the tree you started with, although this might not be poible, depending on how long you've had it planted, and how big it is, Derek.

4 Oct, 2017


Hi Derek, to be honest I've no idea what variety it is. The garden was planted up when we bought the house. I've taken your advice however and started cutting it down. Unfortunately I can't finish it at the moment as it's bucketing it down! Hoping for better weather later. Thanks for the advice. Tina

5 Oct, 2017


Hi Tina, you're welcome, keep the questions coming, it gets very quiet on the questions page in winter, Derek.

5 Oct, 2017

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