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I've had a Golden King holly bush in my garden for many years which produces berries so it must have a male planted with it. Difficult to tell as it was in the garden when I moved in. Amongst the yellow edged leaves there are many plain green leaves. My question is should these be removed to keep the plant healthy.



The odd green leaf on a branch full of variegated ones is not a problem - but if a whole branch has green leaves, it should be removed promptly, because the green growth is more vigorous than the variegated and will, eventually, take over the whole plant, via a process known as reversion. Fortunately, this particular variety isn't really very prickly,so it should be possible to sort through and cut out green branches at their source.

4 Oct, 2017


Hi Bamboo,
Many thanks for your quick reply. I've seen branches of 'em within the plant, so I'm out there tomorrow on a mission.

4 Oct, 2017


Nice day for it (well, down south anyway, bit blowy but lovely). As for berries, you only need a male in the vicinity, doesn't have to be in yours or even next door's garden.

5 Oct, 2017


Your holly is self fertile. See details at:

5 Oct, 2017


No other Hollies in our vicinity either,and mine has had berries every year .It also kept throwing up the odd green branch from the bottom,so as Bamboo says,remove it as near to the base as you can..It might also still throw up another at some point.,so be vigilant..the same advicegoes for any variegated shrub,eg.Euonymus 'Emerald and gold '

5 Oct, 2017

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