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moss on paths
Has anyone tried using bio washing powder to kill moss on paths and driveways?
Does it work?
or does anyone have a good method of clearing moss?



Bleach is better. If you have a lot to clear you can buy it as hypochlorite at garden suppliers.

Having a septic tank I always throw my bleach water out on my mossy bits instead of down the sink, and it does work.

There's also a product called Pathclear but I haven't tried it.

6 Oct, 2017


Any patio cleaner should do it - seems like an awful waste of money to use expensive laundry cleaning products when dilute bleach or Jeyes fluid or a bottle of patio cleaner will do the job. Remember not to allow run off onto your planted areas, regardless which of these you use (including laundry products, they'll kill plants too). Amazon sells a spray and leave treatment, not sure how effective it is.

6 Oct, 2017


I am reading this blog for ideas, John, but my path is on a slope with grass at both sides. Maybe I could spray the moss with bleach.

7 Oct, 2017


You might try using a watering can with a weedkiller rose attachment as its easier to control where the liquid goes than with a sprayer. You could ask a helper to stand by with a broom and if the bleach solution starts to run too near the verge just sweep it away towards the path again. I have the same problem and its the only solution I can think of. If the path is quite level from side to side you shouldn't get much if any run off if you water the bleach on holding the can low down. I think this is safer than spraying as the lightest breeze will carry the stuff onto the grass.

7 Oct, 2017


Thanks Stera, will try.

12 Oct, 2017

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