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Beech trouble, rotten?


By Greatel

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Hi, I recently purchased a house with a large beech tree a few feet from the entrance. There is what seems a low rotten branch with a bird house in it. All the wood in that 'branch' is rotten. Parts came off easily, and i could see several species of worms in there, but it's hard to see where the rot ends as it's hard to get it off closer to the trunk. Similar rotten spot is behind tree. Tree looks very healthy if it wasn't for this. Is it a dangerous tree to keep?

On plant beech

Img_20171008_081306 Img_20171008_081338 Img_20171008_081359



If it were on my property, I'd be sufficiently concerned to call out an arborist and get them to check it to make sure its safe... there's no obvious shelf fungus nor evidence of obvious canker from the pictures, but the area towards the base in the middle photo looks suspicious from a rot point of view, and there may or may not have been some weeping. At the very least, sounds like the area where the rotten branches are needs checking and maybe some judicious pruning.

8 Oct, 2017


Thank you Bamboo, I will call someone, it is very close to the house.

9 Oct, 2017

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