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Hi I am not a gardener but bought a 7ft fern tree in the summer, I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on how to protect it over the winter months... so far I have found I need to put hay in the crown, but some videos have cut of the fern leaves and stuffed them on the crown. Which would be more Advisable? Also what would be best to protect the actual tree with? I live near the coast in the uk so it get cold wet and windy.



I'm curious, myself. One thing that I do know will help, is to tell us what kind of tree fern it is: some are hardier than others. It sounds like a beautiful tree!

9 Oct, 2017


I'll assume your plant is Dicksonia antartica - in a sheltered spot and a mild winter, it'll come through just fine, but if your area is particularly wet, then providing some covering to keep the rain out would be wise. Don't cut the fronds of though. The RHS has information on wrappings and coverings for these,see the link below, you'll need to copy and paste into your browser

If its any comfort, we grew one of these in Bath, which is also pretty wet, in a very sheltered spot between a wall and a fence at the foot of some steps, and I've never forgotten the sight of a light snowfall sitting on the fronds. It came through just fine without any wrapping or extra protection at all... not sure if its still there, this was some years ago now.

9 Oct, 2017

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