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You guys had identified this plant to me as Aster I believe. It hadn't flowered at that time but now it is in full bloom and it has quite a few big purple flowers like the one in picture. Can you confirm if it is aster and most importantly how can I keep it for the next year i.e. how/ when to take the seeds as butterflies seems to love this plant.


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Is that the foliage of it in the picture? The head looks like Callistephus. If it is its an annual I'm afraid so will have to be grown from seed each year. There are many strains, some short, others tall for growing as cut flowers as they last so long in water. Their common name is China Aster.

23 Aug, 2010


fractal, i have uploaded another picture so that i don't have to answer your question about foliage. what is foliage? i believe with foliage you mean leaves.

how do i take the seeds from flower and at what time?

23 Aug, 2010


You will have to wait for the flowerheads to go to seed and then collect them - if Fractal's ID is correct, this is an annual, and may seed itself around anyway. And foliage does mean the leaves.

23 Aug, 2010


Yes, leaves.

Its definitely Callistephus. I have not collected seeds off these before. If its the only one you have it may not produce fertile seed by itself (self sterile). However, if the flower heads are left after flowering until they turn brown (remove faded petals as these unnaturally double forms can rot in wet weather). Gently pull apart the head after drying and if any achenes (seeds) have formed, they will drop out from the head. Store in cool place in envelope (clearly labelled) and sow in march.

23 Aug, 2010


Thanks very much.

23 Aug, 2010

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