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It's often said that birds love berberis berries but can you advise on which type I should look out for?



Berberis doesn't spring to mind for forming lots of berries, but Berberis thunbergii, if it makes any, is popular with birds. Cotoneaster varieties are popular with birds, make lots of berries, or Pyracantha, except Pyracantha 'mohave' - the birds don't like the berries on that variety

12 Oct, 2017


Thankyou Bamboo. Will have a look at Cotoneaster; Pyracantha is not what I'm after.

12 Oct, 2017


Unless you are only looking for hedging type plants have you considered the Sorbus family? You'll get all the finches coming to feed. Suggest you also do a Google search on shrubs with berries birds like to eat.

12 Oct, 2017


I shall have a look at Sorbus as you suggest MG. I've done a google search and and am finding it difficult to choose the one I want for a particular spot. Thanks for responding.

12 Oct, 2017

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