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A friend has asked me this question, can you help........
I'm getting some forked roots like this radish. The ground is not stony, so any suggestions?




sometimes over fertilized soil can cause this to happen. how many are affected. if its just a few it could be due to a bit of stone that the roots encountered.

13 Oct, 2017


I think she lives next door to us! Leastways neighbour has pink jeans!

13 Oct, 2017


Thank you Owdboggy,you made me laugh.

13 Oct, 2017


Snap, made me giggle :-). It really does look like someone bending over. :-).

13 Oct, 2017


That 'soil' looks like rather dry clay to me, in which case root veg. will possibly bifurcate if they can't push straight down. Root veg., other than potatoes (which aren't actual root veg.) need a fine tilth that has not been manured that year.

13 Oct, 2017


I agree with all above. You can mix in some coarse sand to loosen it up. That's what I do for my beets, carrots & parsnips. The earthworms like it too. Clear out all underground rocks, roots, etc. Don't use chemical fertilizers. Opt for organic compost.

13 Oct, 2017

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