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I've just added daffs and crocus to a tub containing tulips. Now I want to make another bulb lasagne but is it still too early to plant tulips?



In theory, you're supposed to wait till November because of the reduction in risk of tulip fire, but I've planted tulips in October loads of times and they've been fine. In all the years I've been gardening, I've never actually seen tulip fire, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist!

14 Oct, 2017


Thanks Bamboo, I'll go ahead and do my tub of bulbs. I don't know what 'tulip fire' is but it doesn't sound good. Gardening involves risk and I always think 'why not try it?' but I'm careful with bulbs as it would be such a disappointment in spring
if they don't come up.

14 Oct, 2017


It's a fungal infection that only affects tulip bulbs - interestingly, I note the RHS page no longer suggests delaying tulip bulb planting in order to reduce the chances - its no longer on the page about the infection.
Just don't plant any bulbs with black dots on them, or any with any type of fungal growth like grey mould.

14 Oct, 2017


It's my job for today. Thanks for taking time to answer.

15 Oct, 2017

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