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By Taurman

Cork, Ireland Ie

Hi all,
I have been reading the response to the question about winter storage of gladioli bulbs. I had already lifted them, cleaned them but planted them up ready for next growing season in a sandy soil which is quite dry and kept them in a dry shed. Question is twofold. Will they be ok in the dry environment and when should I begin to set them outside or water them again? Thank you for your thoughts.



We used to put ours out when all danger of deep penetrating frost had gone. So if yours are stored in dry conditions they should keep ok until Spring. Usual sign is that the trees have got a full set of leaves.

14 Oct, 2017


wow! I never thought about lifting my gladioli bulbs, yet they come back every year and bloom. They have lush green foliage at this time so they are building up energy for the next bloom cycle in the Spring. I don't like them very much because they always flop over just before 'peak bloom.'

14 Oct, 2017


Never managed to keep them alive by leaving them in the ground over winter and my soil is well drained too. Only ones which do come back up is the G byzantinus (as was, changed its name now).

15 Oct, 2017

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