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By Rogi

NRW, Germany De

On one of my lawns there is more moss that grass, apart from digging it all up and sewing a new lawn how do I get rid if it. Thanks for any answers.



There are various temporary ways of improving it but have you thought of eliminating the cause? I notice you say "one of your lawns" it would be interesting to check-out the difference, I suspect drainage or light or possibly both.

24 Aug, 2010


Hi Rogi
I live in Scotland were moss and grass is a constant problem. When I first took over my garden over thirty years ago it was hard work pushing a lawn mower over the lawns. It sunk into the moss!! I started a regime that I have stuck to ever since. In the spring I weed and feed then scarify. I was told by a keeper of a Glasgow football pitch to scatter grass seed every now and again after cutting. Keeps it lush. I re-grass bald patches with grass seed and in the Autumn I weed and feed and scarify. I was told by an old gardener that this was the important application as the moss grows over the winter when the grass doesn't. The slow release feed gets the grass off to a good start the following Spring. I have four lawns so I improved them gradually, if you have a small area you may be looking for a quicker result. Good luck anyway.

24 Aug, 2010


Pull up the grass and have a moss lawn. That's what I have done in our front garden and we prefer it. In one of his columns Alan Titchmarsh gave names of various moss seeds you can buy. A couple of our neighbours are following suit. A moss lawn is always green year round and never needs cutting. It is nice and soft to walk on and sit on. Mind you if everyone had moss lawns it would frighten the lawn mower manufacturers. It would put them out of business.

24 Aug, 2010


What a novel idea Casso! I shall pass that on to someone I know who has a moss problem.

24 Aug, 2010


Thanks to you all for taking time to answer my question. I think I will keep mowing the lawn and just rake the moss out, hoping that one day it will disappear.

24 Aug, 2010

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