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I had a lot of fuschias with rust this year for the first time ever. Both tender and hardy were affected, I defoliated the affected leaves initially and new growth is mostly clear. My questions are:- Is it OK to lift affected tender plants to overwinter in cold greenhouse or should I bin them all or is there a treatment to use on the bare stems?



All I can say is that I had rust on a few plants I had given a couple of years ago. I removed all the affected leaves They were kept in the conservatory over winter, and I've not had rust recur since. Just keep your eye on them. The outdoor ones could be cut back now rather than in spring and given a good mulch. Feed with high potash when they come into growth next year.

If the tender ones are mature plants ones try giving them the same treatment, keeping them well apart from each other. If they were bought this year might be best to bin them and start again next year.

When watering in general try not to wet the leaves.

16 Oct, 2017

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