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I read somewhere that, for fear of 'tulip fire', tulips should be planted late, preferably in November. I would really like to plant my tubs up now, before it turns too cold (for me!) but having spent quite a lot on the tulips I'm keen to keep them healthy. Do you think it's still too early?



as long as the tulips show no sign of fungal or bacterial disease it will be ok to plant them now.
I planted mine at the weekend as they had to go to my daughter's new home.

16 Oct, 2017


No, I don't think it's too early at all. Tulips have a built in time clock. They know when to grow. If you plant them now, they will already sprout roots and start building up energy for the Spring show. I have a couple hundred in the ground right now. They know what to do.

Fungal disease has nothing to do with timing. Just don't plant them in wet muddy soil. Rich humus, free draining soil is the way to go. Add some bone meal to the planting hole.

16 Oct, 2017


Tulip fire is the reason they say wait till November to plant, but I've planted them in October before and they've been fine. Tulip fire is a fungal disease specific to tulips, so as Seaburngirl says, just make sure none of the tulips is mouldy or has black sclerota (like black dots or deposits) or any other signs of fungal infection present before planting them, and use fresh potting compost.

16 Oct, 2017


Pleased to hear that, everyone, and thank you for the information and advice. I will folow through.

18 Oct, 2017

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