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I have a eucalyptus tree in a pot. I know they get out of hand (vertically) but could I take it from the pot and plant it near to house ? I would keep the height reasonable, but would the roots travel to my home ?



I wouldn't want a Eucalyptus tree anywhere near our house as the root spread can reach a good 20 metres! This is a specimen tree for a very large garden, park area.

17 Oct, 2017


Agree, don't plant near the house - this plant can be grown as a shrub, by stooling it down to the ground in spring every year; by the end of the summer, it'll be 6-8 feet tall. Or as a very small tree, though that would require cutting back at least 4 times a year. What usually happens is,people intend to keep them shrublike or as a small tree, but something happens and they forget, and in no time at all you've got a 40 foot monster on your hands. Even as a shrub or small tree, I wouldn't recommend planting closer than 30 feet from a house as an absolute minimum. As a large tree, it should be 50 feet away...

17 Oct, 2017


Thanks both. I will keep it in the pot where for now it is quite happy.

18 Oct, 2017

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