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pyrocanthus plant been in for 3 years and still no berries should they be showing by now or am i going to go another winter with no berries?



They should be showing by now, though ours are just starting to turn color. Did it bloom this spring? If not, does it get at least a few hours of direct sun a day? If it did bloom, was it pruned frequently and/or heavily over the summer?

20 Oct, 2017


as Tug says did it flower in the spring? if it flowered did you cut the spent flowers off as these go on to form the berries.
Mine turned yellow last week and now there are non left the brids have had a feast.
mine is in shade for most of the day and only gets pruned when the branches get in the way of the garage.

20 Oct, 2017


Either one of three possibilities; you sheared off the flowers when you pruned it, the bees failed to pollinate the blossoms in the Spring, or insufficient sun.

20 Oct, 2017


Have you ever pruned it? If you're not growing it as hedging, you should only prune after its flowered, usually around May, so you can see where the flowers (and eventually, berries) are/were.

21 Oct, 2017


And prune it selectively. Don't just have at it with the electric hedge shears--unless you have mad shearing skills, and can shave off just the new twigs that obscure the berries.

22 Oct, 2017

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